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The Steve Francis Foundation

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The Steve Francis Foundation has been created to offer opportunities through educational and recreational activities for the Houston and Washington youth. Through initiatives such as The Brenda Wilson Scholarship Program, The Steve Francis Basketball Academy, and The Sunnyside Up Project, our Foundation has been able to reach and positively impact the lives of at-risk youth across surrounding communities. We are also committed to supporting other local programs such as the Houston Food Bank and Teach for America to increase the quality and number of opportunities available to our youth. Our goal is to help young adults and children to live a life of abundance, joy, and positivity by offering activities and memories that will help shape fulfilling futures.

Core Values:

Honesty  - Our missions and visions are based on the fundamental quality of honest service. With like-minded leaders whose sole aim is to improve the quality of life for our youth to ensure brighter futures, we fully commit ourselves to upholding our own standards as well as the expectations and hopes of the youth.

Integrity - We are committed to honoring all individuals, from volunteer staff to the youth we service, by consistently encouraging positive decisions that lead to a fulfilling path for future endeavors. The Steve Francis Foundation is a unified team that looks to uphold strong moral principles to ensure we can offer quality examples for our youth to look up to. We aspire to inspire!

Reliability - Without reliable staff, volunteers, and programs, The Steve Francis Foundation would cease to exist. We understand that the reliability and security of the efforts behind our Foundation is paramount, which is why we emphasis strong communication between our team as well as those we serve to.

Diversity - The Steve Francis Foundation has been built on the blocks of diversity and inclusion, meaning we welcome everyone with open arms no matter race, religion, background, culture, age, or sexuality.

Our foundation is one for all - we are dedicated to opening our doors for all of those in need, whether the needs are for salvation, safety, or after-school exercise and socializing.

The Creative School

Although we have already expanded to offer additional programs and initiatives to best serve our community, our visions for how we can bring about change never ceases. The Steve Francis Foundation plans to develop a safe and modern community center that our youth can rely on and benefit from for years to come. With the youth center in addition to building more areas of opportunity through outreach programs and activities, The Steve Francis Foundation will operate as a nation-wide program where impactful impressions will be made not only on the youth of Houston and Washington communities, but the all-encompassing youth of America.

Ward 5 Warriors/Team Franchise

Ward 5 Warriors, a nonprofit organization based out of Washington, DC, was instituted in 2009 when a group of volunteers decided to provide a positive outlet for the youth in Washington, DC and surrounding areas. We are an organization whose goal is to enable educational opportunities, athletic distinction, promote physical fitness, and instill hard work, ethics and sportsmanship to underprivileged youth through sports and tutoring. Our organization services youth ranging from ages four to eighteen, both male and female. In our organization, it is our goal to impart the importance of being accountable for your actions, being honest, and being productive citizens, whose character and integrity will enable them to be leaders in our community.

Contact our Team Coach for further information: Fatzdabigfella@gmail.com

Safe House Films DC

We work across many video genres. Whether you are creating an event video, a featured film, a series or documentary, we can provide script-to-screen solutions with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound. We will create the feel that conveys your message.

The Phoenix Reintegration Project, LLC

The Phoenix Reintegration Project’s (PRP) mission is to provide returning citizens an opportunity to create a better quality of life as they transition back into the community and workforce. The PRP provides high-level training and helps to build confidence for individuals by eliminating the previous challenges that were faced.

UCB Live Foundation, Inc.

UCB was founded in 1996 just a few blocks away from the Howard Theatre by a dynamic group of talented young musicians who since then have taken Go-Go internationally like no other.

UCB Live Foundation, Inc.